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The Clarke Foley Centre Ltd is a registered charity No. 1109588 operating as a private company limited by guarantee. Company No. 5389427

The Clarke Foley Centre is a charity providing facilities for recreational, educational and a wide range of other leisure pursuits.

It is used by people of all ages, many local clubs, groups, and societies who provide a variety of courses, support groups, events, exhibitions, and meetings.

We serve as a community venue and as a second home for many older people in the local area. We are a place for people to eat, meet and socialise. We host a wide range of classes and groups which allow people to engage in their passions and leisure pursuits, keep active, broaden their minds, meet like-minded individuals, share stories and experiences, form friendships/relationships, and combat isolation and loneliness.  

Just about any activity or hobby you can think of happens here at the Clarke Foley Centre, and our customers, friends and centre users always receive a warm, friendly, and caring approach from our team and dedicated volunteers.

When open and fully operational, up to 200 people come through our doors every day, and over the week, 80 volunteers come to the Clarke Foley Centre and give their time to serve their community. Ranging from teenagers right up to 90 years old, they all work together to ensure everyone has a happy and enjoyable experience at Clarke Foley Centre.