No dates are currently scheduled for this activity.
CF Tech Club

Saturday morning drop-in session to help people gain more confidence with technology.

Come in each week to learn the basics of using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

As time goes on, the number of attendees is increasing as people realise that we can do technology in a safe and easy to understand way, without jargon.

New dates will be added when available.

"The tutor was able to help Emily quite a lot with settings on her Android Smartphone at the first session and discussed some basic terminology about data, Wi-Fi and mobile phone accounts. She did not have a pin code set on her mobile phone and did not realise that this was a security issue for her account. She was going to go home and look up her mobile phone account details so we could put this right. “She was quite surprised at how easy some of the basic information covered in the session was to understand and wondered why no-one had ever explained it to her before.”