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Firstly, a huge thank you for taking part in the Jubilee Spinathon. Whilst we hope to raise funds for the audio-visual kit at the centre, we primarily want all participants to have fun.

You will receive a certificate for your participation for you to keep for posterity, with our thanks.

So, some of the things to consider

  • Please be ready to take over your respective bike at least 15 minutes before your agreed time, although bikes should be cleaned by the previous rider, its always worth doing it yourself again as well before you start and at the end.
  • Please ensure you have signed and handed in your form before getting on a bike. 
  • We will confirm times by email, phone or other before the event starts and during just to ensure everyone is still on board and available
  • The bikes are professional spin bikes kindly provided by friends of the Centre. As such they can record mileage and speed. That’s doesn’t mean you have to cycle like a mad thing or be a Tour de France champ. Go at the pace you feel comfortable and enjoy the ride. The bikes can be set to your height, and the resistance to your needs.
  • Wipes are available for the bikes to be cleaned at the start and end of rides and we will have additional bikes available to ensure they are not all in constant use
  • Please bring a sweat towel if you are going to work the bike hard and build up a sweat. Wipes will however be available
  • Water will be available for all riders but bring your own water bottle if you wish.
  • During the rides we will be collecting in and outside the Centre so BIG SMILES all round to encourage folk to donate
  • In case of emergency, we have first aid kit available.
  • In the evening and night, the rear exit door will be closed for access and egress but if there is an emergency all the fire doors are available.
  • If you are not able to do your session for any reason, please let us know. Also, if you can find a replacement that is Ok but we would need to know who is coming. Feel free to bring friends and family along. Snacks and Tea/coffee will be available plus the Café for most of the day.
  • We hope to have some selfie frames and a stand-up cardboard Queen so you can take pics and selfies with them. We will also put pics of the event on our website and social media so watch out for that.
  • If you do not want to be in any of the social media or releases just say so and we will completely respect that.
  • Music will be played quietly to help you along the ride, and we will have some light displays in the room to brighten it up especially at night.

Any problems call the Centre 01943 607016 or email [email protected] or use my details below

Many thanks

Stuart Hyde

Chair Clarke Foley

[email protected]