Volunteer at Clarke Foley

Clarke Foley centre is looking for your help.

It’s been a tough few months for us at the centre and some of our volunteers are unable to return now we’ve opened.

We need help in a variety of roles:

- If you (or someone you know) has experience in catering/hospitality trade and can offer us a few hours a day/week to keep our much valued cafe open, please get in touch. 

- If you are on a gap year or waiting to go back to Uni, or you are just plain bored with time on your hands! Ideally with lots of enthusiasm and want to help ... please get in touch. 

- We also need help with fundraising, improving website, picking up FareShare food from local shops ... or other ideas you may have, again do get in touch. 

Telephone: 01943 607016

Email: [email protected]

Many Thanks!