Dear Friend

Can Clarke Foley help your business?
For almost 40 years Clarke Foley has served the community and now we are in a position to help local businesses and organisations make use of our venue as they start to resume business.
If you are familiar with our venue you will know that we have some big rooms with big spaces, ideal for social distancing.

Workspace, Meetings, Pop-up Restaurants, Private Tutoring – how can our space help you with social distancing?
Could your business make use of our venue?

We have big spaces ideal for social distancing for teams that need to work in a bigger space or need to hold meetings, workshops or training.  We have plenty of tables and chairs and can offer wifi and refreshments.
And for local restaurants unable to practice social distancing we can offer our halls and catering kitchen for pop up restaurants.  Ideal if your own premises would restrict you in re-opening.
Until we can use our venue again for our own community activities, we are committed to continuing to serve the community by offering our venue to help others. 
Clarke Foley is a community-based charity and we depend on room rentals and café services to raise income.  By using our space, you can help us continue to serve the community and to protect the future of Clarke Foley, so we can re-open in the future.

Want to find out more?

Our website has a layout of our rooms, see the Facilities tab.  If you are interested in viewing the venue in person or would like to discuss costs of hiring the rooms at Clarke Foley, please contact us on 07379 797005 or email [email protected]
We can hold viewings on Tuesday 26 & Wednesday 27th May, but please note you must make an appointment in advance.

We look forward to hearing from you.
A heartfelt thank you from all of us.
Stuart Hyde QPM
On behalf of the Board of Directors, Clarke Foley


If your business would like to support the work of Clarke Foley, you can make a donation via our website.